Patrick Sullivan

Date added:August 31, 2011

Submission Type:New Hire

Current employer:HighPoint Holdings

Current title/position:Director of Finance and Administration

Position level:Director

Position department:Accounting & Finance

Duties/responsibilities:Sullivan began his career as a portfolio manager for a major regional bank where he specialized in short-term money management working exclusively with companies and foundations to add value to their cash reserves. Additionally, he managed the bank’s money market mutual fund and had assets under management of over a billion dollars. Upon the merger of the bank, he moved to Nashville where he worked a briefly with a major hospital group. While there, he consulted with the company’s hospitals in Dallas and Atlanta to create market-based strategic plans for the five largest hospital service lines. After leaving Nashville, he worked for a publicly traded healthcare REIT as the acquisitions manager. In this role, he was a key part of a team that closed over $500 million in healthcare related properties while creating and maintaining an acquisition pipeline of over a billion dollars. He spent the last two years working as a consultant for several real estate ventures and has additional experience as a contractor within the private equity industry. At HighPoint Holdings, Sullivan oversees the day-to-day operations of the company while managing all financial reporting. He has a MBA from Vanderbilt University with a specialization in healthcare, and graduated with honors from the University of Alabama with a Bachelors of Science degree in finance. Sullivan is married, has two sons and attends St. Francis Xavier Church.

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