JMG Realty, Inc.

JMG Realty was formed in 1989 and was known as Jackson Management Group operating primarily in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. In 1996 Jackson Management became JMG Realty when The Hudson Group was merged with it. The two companies had been business associates and real estate partners for more than 15 years before merging. The Hudson Group enjoyed a dominant presence in the Southwest and combined produced and expanded regional base that has the capability to service the needs of clients throughout the nation. The combined strength and integrity of the two companies is now JMG Realty.

JMG has proven to be an industry leader with property management of over 25,000 apartment homes.
The company consistently performs among the top multifamily property owners and managers in the United States. More important than mere size, however, is JMG’s fundamental commitment to maximizing each transaction’s return on investment.

The core of JMG’s success is its ability to acquire, redevelop, finance, manage and sell apartment home communities nationwide in markets that offer investors profitable opportunities. JMG’s research department is one of the most comprehensive in-house research groups among apartment real estate management companies.

The combined volume of JMG’s real estate transactions – acquisitions, redevelopment and sales – provides JMG with significant insight into the dynamics of the multifamily housing market resulting in a strong competitive advantage to JMG and its investors.

JMG, on behalf of itself and its clients, has acquired $1.5 billion of multifamily real estate properties representing nearly 18,000 apartment units in 68 properties. JMG has also provided property renovations of nearly 30,000 apartment homes in 94 properties with total project costs of over $160 million.