Investor Value

At HighPoint Holdings we are committed to delivering above market investment performance and superior client service. By consistently exceeding investor expectations we create success for both our investors and our firm.  Our quality multifamily investment opportunities have been historically available only to large institutions or extremely high net worth individuals. Even with their available purchasing power most high net worth individuals do not have the time, expertise or resources to pursue and properly evaluate these opportunities.

HighPoint Holdings provides qualified investors an opportunity to participate in this exclusive arena by leveraging our manager’s experience and business relationships in the field, allowing investors to focus their time and energy on higher priorities.

In recent years, market shifts in the commodities and securities markets have caused investors to pursue more tangible and predictable investments. Real estate has become a favored investment because of the tangible nature of the underlying asset (land) and the relative stability of the marketplace. Migration of capital towards real estate related investments has increased competition for premier properties, and made the ability to close quickly on the best deals of utmost importance.

Because of our history of beating expectations and the resulting dedicated investor pool, HighPoint can provide “on demand” funding for projects that need a quick close. This ability to access equity quickly has often made the difference between a closing and an offer that did not quite make it, further cementing relationships with operators who have learned that they can depend on HighPoint Holdings to perform.

The purchasing power of our equity investors, combined with the experience and reputation of our dedicated operating and development partners, allows us access to the industry’s best properties.